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Default Kaeds Brewmaster Monk Application

I am Kaeds, Brewmaster Monk currently on the Sargeras. I consider myself a career tank. I enjoy the role and perform it to the best of my ability. I also play ProtWar and BDK as the need arises. I really enjoy raiding and Mythic Plus on a personal progression level.

Iím 27 years old, I work for a fiber optic engineering company. I currently live in Texas and work in Ny. Travel home every couple weekends. Iíve been playing wow since mid BC and progression raiding off and on since MOP. I have yet to find a strong consistent guild to raid with so attrition is a huge selling point for me.


>Spec is fairly cookie cutter given the current system. Bob and Weave for consistent take dmg, dampen for markable tank busters that require a defensive(being a brewmaster those are few and far between). ROP/Dave statue in most cases doesnít come into play much. RoP will be my go to for azshara to assist in slowing add movement to the seals.

As far as gems and enchants go, both go vers defensively, crit offensively as Iím at a comfortable mastery given gear/ToNx3(mastery added based on current stagger).

I tend to adjust rings/trinkets on a fight by fight basis depending on the damage profile.

My key focus as a tank is to not die. If I meet that standard, I aim to min max my
Dps to itís filled capacity.

>Typing this up from my phone so can edit post at a later date with my screenshots.
I use ELVUi frames will a flurry of WA to better interpret the data on my screen.

>7/8M uldir 9/9 CE Bod 4/8M EP( org to 0%)

>Drunken Dwarves for Uldir(disbanded)
Coffee oíclock for BoD(disbanded)
Escaped Apes for EP(disbanded)
Scumbag Alley(formerly Coffee oíclock) for Org(disbanded)


>Misc links:


Any other questions feel free to reach out and ask away.

Discord(typically easiest): Kaeds#6018
Bnet: Caedus#11805